Free Download: Secret Stolen Kiss, by Tatá Aeroplano


I think this is my first english post ever (at least in this blog). As I noticed that I received some visitors outside Brazil (probably for the english written tags about my music posts), I decided to give my english skills a chance and give a present to all music lovers around the world.

As you may have guessed, it is a music download, but don’t panic! It is comepletely safe and legal. If you like that kind of delicate sounds with reflexive lyrics, You’ll definetely like Tatá Aeroplano. He’s made the songs for a short movie called “Eu não quero voltar sozinho” (I don’t wanna go home alone), released in 2010. Until now, this film has got 115 awards around the world, and the director and his crew used the internet tools for a massive promo work that helped grow its audience. Continuar lendo